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Did that title catch your attention? Good.

This recipe was inspired by David Lebovitz — whom I’ve already written about crushing on. I love his easy and delicious recipe for roast chicken with caramelized shallots, and this is my take on it. It’s super simple and scrumptious — MAKE IT…

People are great at making excuses for not getting outside, being active and living badass.  Good news!  I’m here to smash your pathetic excuses on the rock of tolerance.  

"I’m fat"

This is by far the most common excuse for replacing fun with ice cream and shame.   Here’s why it’s lame:

  1. No one cares. Seriously. How important do you think you are to my life that your weight interests me?   
  2. Anyone who cares is a jerk.  Completely contradicting my fist point I admit some people care. Too bad for them. If you’re worried about getting made fun of just hang around with us.  If someone says you’re “too fat for your suit” we’ll crush their soul.  Thus solving your problem and giving us a chance to release our anger over GMOs in the Whole Foods salad bar.  
  3. There is a simple solution. Get outside and start losing the weight you’re afraid of.  Hiding behind 20 extra pounds almost guarantees more weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle.  
  4. A tan makes everyone look and feel better.  Think of that guy on the Bacardi commercial all tanned up in his speedo.  He’s living the dream. 
"I’m out of shape."

This makes no sense.  Being out of shape is a good reason not to eat pizza. It’s a terrible reason to avoid physical activity. The next time you find yourself thinking you’re too out of shape, stop it!  Your kids will love the effort and your friends will support you.  If they don’t, find new friends.  The kids you have to keep so just punish them until they comply.  

"I’m broke."

My family routinely finds activities that cost very little.  Last summer we spent almost every afternoon swimming in a creek behind McBean Park in Lincoln.  We found rope swings, caught fish, skipped rocks, jumped off stuff and generally had a great time.  By September I had a pack of kids following me around waiting to go swimming.  Total cost: $0.
No creek in your area?  You’re never too broke to hammer out some squats or walk around the neighborhood. If you’re too poor to afford shoes just tell people your’re transitioning to barefoot running.

"I have kids."  

Awesome.  Think of them as training partners who can’t escape.  Kids love being active more than adults and have an unlimited capacity for play.  My son loves our adventures so much we are able to use them as motivation to finish his homework after school.

There.  I hope you feel better.  I know I do.  Stay tuned for installment number 2 where I crush your excuses for not eating healthy.   
Kalian Osborn is the owner and Co-Founder of ReblCa and Bounty Hunter Endurance.  He spends his days at a stand-up desk and his nights rolling out.  To tell him how much you love his blog email him:  

Our nutrition plan is simple: eat real food in reasonable quantities.  A serving of meat should be approximately the size and thickness of the palm of your hand. It’s almost impossible to eat too many vegetables and fruit is a great snack.  

When at the grocery store:

  1. Buy real, natural foods.  
  2. Avoid processed food.  
  3. Avoid food with added sugar.  
Which real food is best:
  1. Vegetables 
  2. Fruit
  3. Meat
  4. Nuts
  5. Dairy

Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you like. I get most of my vegetables from my daily Blender Bender, eat a salad at lunch and snack on fruit.  Every meal I eat has meat of some kind.  

Don’t be preoccupied with the number of meals you eat per day.  Eat when you’re hungry.  Sometimes I eat 4 eggs at 0630 and other times I don’t eat until after my morning WOD at 1100.  

What about wheat?

I avoid wheat; however, if the worst thing in your diet is bread you’re doing alright in my book. Just don’t make it the centerpiece of your nutrition.  

Carbs are cool.

Natural Carbs aren’t the enemy.  Processed carbs are.  If you like fruit, go nuts.  I eat several apples, oranges, berries and whatever else I can get my hands on daily.  If your goal is to lose body fat you may want to go easy on fruit, otherwise it’s open season.

Processed carbs should be avoided.  So should processed fruit juices.  Your body isn’t built to handle the massive load of carbohydrates they provide.  Here’s a rule of thumb: if it’s pressed into a shape and put in a box it probably isn’t a good choice.  

Everything in moderation (except fruit and vegetables).  

I don’t drink milk, but I do put cream in my coffee and cheese on my eggs.  Some Paleo/Primal folks consume zero dairy.  Same with wheat.  I eat hamburgers and drink beer.  Just not everyday.  The idea is a diet to support a healthy lifestyle. It’s not to obsess over every single choice you make.

What about Diet Soda? 

Again, moderation.  I occasionally drink a massive Diet Dr. Pepper.  Just not everyday.  If you drink several sodas a day you need to make a better decision and drink some water.  …or another Bender Blender.  

Kalian Osborn is the Co-Founder of Bounty Hunter Endurance
Have questions? Email him at

  1. Underestimating how much you eat.  One thing I love about The Zone is its emphasis on portion size.  Once you realize how many macadamia nuts you should eat it’s obvious your past habits were insane.  
  2. Overestimating how many calories exercise burns. If calories were displayed in Burpees we wouldn’t have this problem.  Twenty minutes of brutal exercise might burn half a Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s.  It certainly won’t compensate for 6 beers, wings and a pizza.  
  3. Assuming you’re not losing weight because you’re gaining muscle.  It’s possible, but not likely. You’re probably guilty of number one.  If you’re not sure get a body fat test and track your lean body mass instead of total weight.  
  4. Going Paleo/Primal and then going nuts.  Going Paleo isn’t a license to slam bacon and coconut oil into your mouth with impunity.  (Robb Wolf talks a little about it here.)  Hormones, inflammation and macro nutrient ratios are importnat but your body still has to do something with the calories you consume.  Eat too much and your body makes fat for you.  How nice of it.  
  5. Weighing yourself too much.  Honestly.  Stop it.  I can gain 5 pounds tonight by eating a tablespoon of salt and drinking a bunch of water.  I’m not even going to get into “lady” issues.  Focus on performance and weigh yourself occasionally out of curiosity.  
  6. Changing strategies constantly.  Pick a plan and stick with it.  Americans give a diet about 3 days before they quit.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  
  7. Fear.  Too many people are afraid to fail so they never start. Screw that. Make a plan, tell your coach, husband, kids, friends and ask them to keep you accountable. Failure is God’s way of telling you to try harder.  If you fail today, win tomorrow.  Easy enough.  

Have fun.  Don’t drink and drive this New Year’s Eve.  


Kalian Osborn is Co-Founder of ReblCa and Bounty Hunter Endurance.  He also works as the Operation Manager and Endurance Coach at CrossFit Determination in Roseville, California.  

We spend 90% of our time at Bounty Hunter Endurance on nutrition, strength and endurance.  

Every month athletes are provided with detailed menues, shopping lists, motivation and, when available, “couponing” mastery from our head cheapskate. Most importantly, we are a support system keeping you on track and bring you back on when you fall off.  It’s sort of like Weight Watchers with less clapping and more sweating.  

Being strong makes everything in life better.  It’s true.  Ask a strong person if you don’t believe me. Struggling to carry a 24 pack of water is lame. Picking up both your kids for a hug is friggin’ awesome.  We spend a lot of time making our athletes stronger, more flexible and more capable in their everyday lives.  

Lean and strong is a great combination.  Lean, strong and fast is even better.  What good is a tight body if you can’t run down the beach “Baywatch” style?  Exactly.  Our training is tailored to make you a better Endurance athlete. Regardless of distance.  Can’t run a mile?  Cool, we can fix that.  Ultra-Marathoner who can’t jump? We can fix that, too.  


Classes start February 2013 at CrossFit Determination and amazing trails, parks and tracks in NorCal.  

For more info email me: 



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Kalian Osborn is the Co-Founder of ReblCa and Bounty Hunter Endurance.  

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